Mentorship Programme

Learn from the experts

Keen to get a better understanding of what it means to be an accountant? Need some career advice from an accounting professional? These are just some of the benefits students share after participating in the BCC Mentorship Programme.

About the Mentorship Programme

Our Mentorship Programme is available to all students enrolled or graduated as Accounting Technicians, through AAT, CAT or equivalent technician accounting qualification. The programme helps familiarize mentees with a wide range of Accounting career opportunities, and also helps them understand what it means to become a member of a professional body.

What does the programme involve?

This programme involves groups of five (5) to ten (10) students having formal face-to-face group meetings with a mutually chosen business mentor. There are typically four group meetings per annum, and these are often supported by a number of one-on-one phone and email contacts.

Who are the mentors?

BCC leverages from its network and carefully selected professional accountants holding or having previously held positions of :

  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • Company directors
  • Accounting and consultancy firm partners

The mentors span a wide range of industries, including chartered accounting firms, banking, manufacturing, retail, and not-for-profits.

How will a mentor help me?

Students of the mentoring programme report benefits of tertiary studies advice, work and career guidance, personal network development, and summer internship opportunities.

More information

For more information about the mentoring programme contact:

Anne Accountant