OUR Capabilities

Accounting and Valuations

The world is facing increasing complexity in accounting and financial reporting. Proactive anticipation and resolution of issues under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) coupled with an understanding of the impact of income tax, financial markets, valuation, corporate governance and regulatory environment, preserve the value of transactions.

At BCC, our accounting professionals provide clients with deep technical knowledge and solutions for, amongst others:

  • financial statement preparation and presentation, including requisite filings;
  • fair value assessments;
  • consolidation assessments;
  • mergers & acquisitions (M&A);
  • IFRS implementation

We function as a one-stop shop, bringing accounting, valuation and tax expertise all in one place. 

Artificial Intelligence & Automation

We help organisations find, frame and solve unique business problems that leverage artificial intelligence and automation to create measurable business value. As the workforce rapidly changes around us as new game-changing technologies take flight, we have a deep pulse on where and how to leverage automation across the enterprise in the most effective way possible.

Our goal is to enable people to do more while helping organizations realize efficiencies and operational excellence - at scale.

Our customized offerings include:

  • Road-mapping and business case planning
  • Business process assessment and redesign
  • AI and automation technology recommendations
  • Value hacks and automation factory to run programs
  • Center-of-excellence strategy and build-up

We help you implement disruptive technologies that will change how you operate.

Business Process Optimisation

Organizations today are being challenged more than ever to do more with less, presenting opportunities to be more efficient and effective in their business processes. When implemented effectively, process improvement initiatives provide substantial value, strengthening your performance and your bottom line.

We offer business process management consulting services and training programs that focus on aligning your resources, technology, and supporting structures, providing you with sustainable solutions to your business process needs. Through strategic decisions and practical applications, we work closely with you to design and implement a plan that drives your organization to achieve your desired business outcomes. Our offerings are categorized into the following packages:

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Current State Process Mapping
  • Future State Process Design
  • Business Architecture
  • Use Case Development

Project Management

BCC PM Consultants help you develop and improve your project management and project portfolio management (PPM) framework, allowing you to prioritize and execute strategic projects that will deliver tangible, sustainable benefits.

Our approach involves understanding your culture and right-size practices to fit your organizational needs, aligning our recommended structure, tools, and processes with your goals and resources.

Risk Management

This is an important aspect of the business whereby BCC RM Consultants helps with the process and tools to identify, evaluate, track, and mitigate the risks present in the business environment. Risk management is practiced by the business of all sizes; small businesses do it informally, while enterprises codify it. Businesses want to ensure stability as they grow. Managing the risks that are affecting the business is a critical part of this stability. 

Strategic Management

BCC SM consultants advise clients on high-level decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge to deliver the best results. This specialist function is a type of Management Consulting, where we get involved at the highest-level of your organisation to deliver game changing strategies for your business.

Our consultants work across every industry, with both  private and public sector bodies on a wide range of issues.